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Maxima zilei

” Una din cele mai dificile lecții în viață este aceea de a renunța la anumite lucruri. Fie că este vorba de sentimentul de vină, mînie, dragoste, pierdere etc. Schimbarea nu este niciodată ușoară – lupți pentru a păstra, lupți pentru a renunța.”

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24 comments on “Maxima zilei

  1. Did I remind you about Sylvester the Cat…? 😆


    😆 😆 😆

  2. Puterea de a renunta la unele lucruri din viata te intareste si te face sa mergi mai departe. O zi faina.

    • Așa este. Este o modalitate de a deveni mai puternici și a ne crea un fond pentru viitoare situații asemănătoare. Mulțumesc, o zi minunată și dvs! 🙂

  3. It’s only hard when we’re not given a reason for the change. Once we acknowledge the reason – and assuming it’s the right reason, not some made-up bullshit meant to trick us – then it’s all up to one’s stubborness (or should I say the other S-word…?), whether we let go or not.

    • Sometimes that reason has to come from within, not necessarily from someone else, either from reason, rationality, heart, one of them or all of them. It is hard. It might not be such a long process when we have that reason handy.

      • Wherever the reason comes from, it is (almost) always the outside that „cooks” it inside us, by various means. I can’t remember anyone I know having taken an important, hard decision on a whim – like wake up and decide „I’m not gonna do this anymore” or „I’m gonna do/start doing this (from now on)”.
        Well, except maybe for my mother – whatever she dreams at night, takes for granted in the morning and takes decisions based on those dreams. 🙄

        • That’s true. That’s always the catalyst for our decisions. Balancing (and using) the info received from the outside world with what lays within us, that’s what gives the result, the decision.

          • We agree, again…?! I must check my biorhythm… again! 😆

            • What’s going on? You’re losing your „touch” on contradiction 😛 Forget the biorhythm – enjoy the moment 😆 …although it seems to be happening quite often lately for you, both in Romanian and English…hehe…

              • Go check it out, tell me it doesn’t fit… 🙄 No wonder I feel so shitty these days… 😦

              • How about concentrating on the physical and intelectual aspects, which don’t look bad at all? 😛

              • That doesn’t change the fact that I’m an emotional wreck… usually, but especially today.

              • It will all go away…and don’t get stuck too much on those curved lines 🙂

              • Got no others to get stuck to – all the good ones are taken…

              • If we wouldn’t have been talking about some sinusoids, what I’ve said would’ve sounded quite interesting, but it’s funny nonetheless 😀

                […] all the good ones are taken…

                – I am not even thinking about it anymore 🙂

              • sinusoids sine waves? What sine waves…? 😛
                I do remember from time to time how curved lines looked like… Oh, such distant memories…

              • You didn’t have to cross off „sinusoids” – both are acceptable translations for „sinusoide”, being synonyms 😛 I have chosen „sinusoids” because it was more handy.
                When it comes to those lines – there is always Google Images etc. to refresh your memory 😆

              • Never, ever, pronounce that G-word around me again! I hate it! 👿

                Sinusoids reminds me about my bad sinuses. 😦

              • :)))) I am not going to tell you why I am laughing this way, but thank you for inducing it 😆 Okay, okay, I got it, do not „shout”, it doesn’t make me hear you any better 😛

              • hihihi 🙂 Chițăi și eu de pe margine, că abia ce am scăpat din chingi! 🙂

              • 😉 Mă bucur că ai scăpat la timp pentru a „chițăi” și tu puțin 😆

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